2011 Week 2 Video Action

Devris, picked for upset of the week, squares off against Sonnabend – last season’s league champs. Sonnabend is on the ropes and needs this shot to stay relevant. Look away, if you can….


  1. Sean Sonnabend says:

    Didn’t miss is for lack of sweeping 🙂 Did you see that guy in the blue and white stripe shirt? I thought he was going to wear a whole in the ice.
    Here’s the deal-
    I told Dveris that they shouldn’t take the [3 point] handicap after their performance last week and because we have a new guy and we rotated our lineup and now they have to deal with the shame of not beating us straight up. Sucks to be them, but they played a hell of a nice game.
    Thanks for getting some video Ole.

    • Just doing my part to add to the rich tapestry that is the Metro League.
      Yeah, I saw that guy you’re praising, but while he appears to be sweeping hard, you can clearly see that his efficiency leaves something to be desired. I suspect he’s spent too much time in the house bossing other people around.