2+2 Spiel a Rousing Success

Team McGovern split into two factions this Sunday (March 21) for the annual 2+2 spiel at the St. Paul Curling Club. The event offers a chance for current members to introduce rookie curlers to the sport. The teams are made up of two club members and two rookies. They then play short four end games.

Our teams were made up of one member and three rookies. Casey took on newcomers James, Matt and Joel. While Ole brought in Kevin, Dave and Colin. After two games, lunch, and drinks the sentiment from the rookies was that their lives would never be complete until they all joined the club.

Casey took some pictures with his phone.  Enjoy.

Kevin and Colin ease it in

Dave and Colin look like seasoned vets

Looking good guys

Joel and Matt sweep it

Skip Olmanson calls the shot

James sexts between rocks