A Metro League Call to Action UPDATED

Update 3: It sounds like we have a good sum collected so far. Next week there will be a card circulated for signatures and then we’ll send it off. Nice work Metro.

UPDATE 2: Please coordinate with your skips to determine an amount for your rink. We hope to get all the money in this week. See below for more details.

After a great first week, I’m sure everyone is ready to get back out there and do it again. Right now we have eight teams undefeated, crazy, I know. Anyhow, things aren’t all great. Maybe you noticed last week that our regular bartender was absent. It has been brought to our attention that Jana has been out due to some very serious medical difficulties.

An informal email has circulated between some of the Metro league folks and it has been decided that we as a league can pitch in and help out Jana in her time of need. What we are looking for are financial donations. Each skip will be in charge of setting a donation amount for their team. They will then be responsible for collecting and turning it in.

No amount is too small and with 72 people in the league even $5 per player would be over $350 to help her out with expenses while she isn’t able to work. So talk about it amongst your team and come up with whatever you can. We don’t have an official leader of this cause yet, so if someone wants to step up, I’ll be happy to direct folks to you.

Let’s take a week to figure it out and then we’ll talk to each skip to determine your donation.

While he was busy grinding out win number two, the rest of the league nominated Sean to take charge of the fund, please find him next week and add your contribution.



  1. Sonnabend says:

    Thanks for posting this Ole.
    While my rink was clawing our way back into a LONG match last night I was apparently put in charge of this donation. Thank you to everyone who chipped in last night. If you were on a bye or left early last night, just find me next week and I’ll take any amount that you want to contribute.
    I see Jana as an honorary Metro League member and I think it will mean a lot to her to know that we feel that way.

    Thanks guys,
    See you next week