Another Season Bites The Dust

That’s all there is.

  • Jansen – Dubois
  • RohdeArndt
  • Gabrio Sonnabend
  • Beranek – Lockwood
  • Dveris – McGovern
  • Lawrence – Lichty
  • McLaughlin – McLellan
  • Boomer – Stanek

Lots of close action down to the wire.

Congratulations to Sonnabend for winning another year.

Let me know if there are any make up games you have to report. I know there are some results missing from the sheets, so if you want a more complete picture of the season, send in whatever you have.

Great curling.



  1. Nice work Ole! Great season.

    I know there was some talk of a end of the year party. I think Sonnabend or Jarrett might send something out.

    Would be cool to try and get the club to let us do a league playoff sometime. Would have to plan it for next year though.

  2. Lawrence says:

    Stanek gave us a forfeit win, and we are playing a makeup game with the Jansen rink tonight. In case you care. I don’t really, but thought I would share. Later.

    • I always care. I’ll mark the Stanek match and await the results of the Jansen makeup.

  3. Lang Boomer says:

    Dveris defeated the Boomer rink in our makeup match to cap off a less than impressive season. We are now focused on winning the playdowns.