Metro League Chili Night is Coming!

We scheduled the chili night to coincide with the Olympics. Click the invitation for all the details and use the comment section below to RSVP. Last year we had nearly 100% participation.




Borderline annually – The 9pm draw has gotten together and shared a few pots of chili. The thought being – “let’s show up at the club a little early, drink some beer, and try other people’s chili.” Along with spicy/hot/sweet chili a few people have brought homemade cornbread, deserts, and store bought condiments.

Coordinate with your opponent on Feb 12th, 2014 and bring a pot of chili (and some bowls and spoons and whatnot) to share. We’re thinking at least one pot of chili per sheet (for a total of 8) would be a good number to share amongst everybody. Too much chili can’t be a good thing?

Show-up around 7:40 pm and enjoy the good times. Let us know if you’re interested by posting on The Hogline! Tell us if your rink is bringing chili and we’ll track how many pots will be showing up.

What to bring:

(1) Pot of chili for your sheet (1 pot per match-up)

Fixings per your chili’s specificity

(1) serving spoon for your sheet

Bowls and spoons for your sheet

Cornbread and deserts as you see fit