Metro League Mammary Money Marathon

I wanted to put up a quick post to update everyone on our very informal fundraiser to help Jana with her fight against breast cancer.

First off – I would like to start a big round of applause for everyone being so generous. We ended up raising $778 which is awesome. I sent the card, money and a short note to go along with it yesterday, so she will hopefully get it before Thanksgiving even.

More importantly – It sounds like Jana is in good spirits and is currently going through chemo but doing well enough to be at home during it. From talking with Dex she did have to has a mastectomy but she is mostly concerned with how her hair will grow back once she is done with the chemo.

Again, thanks to all of you in the Metro League. It really is an affirmation of why we are all willing to be at the club so late in the middle of every week. Yes, there is beer but lots of places have beer. I think it really comes down to the quality of the people in the league.


Happy Thanksgiving and see you on the ice,

Sean Sonnabend