Metro League Unite

Greetings fellow Metro league curlers, how was your summer? Mine was very techie with most of it being spent hunched over this fresh new version of

The great news is that registration is open for the SPCC and the leagues are filling up. We hope to see all our old rivals back this season for another dose of healthy competition. I heard the Sonnabend rink has been on a victory tour doing talk shows and red carpets across the globe and there are rumors of one of them is considering a presidential bid.

We are thinking about having a pre-season get together with anyone and everyone from the Metro League, probably at a bar near the club a week or two before the season starts, so if that is something that you’re interested in, look for an email coming shortly and don’t forget to tell the rest of your rink.

We’re really glad to have you back at the site in anticipation of another season and we’d like to make a few introductions.


Metro League – meet theĀ HOGLINE Razor. A 100% carbon fiber handle broom made exclusively for It features a swivel head and a patriotic color scheme. This can be purchased on the site or through us at the club.


We also have a fiberglass version called the Swift, same head and pad as the Razor, with an eye popping, stand-out-in-the-house yellow handle. Classic HOGLINE logo and minimal graphics make you the star.

We’re all jazzed about getting back to the club and curling again, so it will only be a few more weeks now until things are in full swing. See you soon.

Good Curling