Season 2013: Week 10

We’ve reached the tipping point. The middle of the season. I’ll declare season winners after Wednesday because as we all know, they Mayan calendar runs out a few days later and everything hits the fan. Or not.

Shameless plug. I’ll have a box of HOGLINE t-shirts with me for your last minute holiday shopping needs. Tell your wife you love her with a stylish pink tee (one left in small only).

  • McGovern – Hoven: Skip McGovern emerges this week a new man, no longer does he have the fire of a bachelor, he has now joined the shuffling ranks of the married man. Will it affect the rink? I guess we’ll find out. Hoven has been pretty flashy this season, definitely able to hang with anyone, but sometimes stumbling inexplicably. McGovern plans to capitalize.
  • McLellan – Crotty: Both of these rinks have had their share of close matches. McLellan hovers just below .500 while Crotty is positioned to break up into positive territory and based on the troubles they’ve given some of the top teams over the first half of the season, it’s likely they’ll pull it off this week.
  • Jansen – Moll: Look out Jansen, Moll is on a 6 week steamroller ride to Metro League fame. You can try to slow them down, but you’ll only get hurt. I suggest a distraction technique of tainted holiday treats.
  • Lawrence – Anderson: Anderson is the last team vying for a perfect season. Lawrence is the last team vying for the good times of the 1980s. Sure it was a great decade, but Anderson cares nothing for nostalgia so look for a ruthless, foot-on-the-throat type of win.
  • Lockwood – Rohde: A win for Rohde would even the records between these two rinks, but a tough, late night defeat last week has ignited the Yule log for Lockwood. The evening will begin with jolly carols and warm sweaters, but Lockwood will get serious quick and lock down another win.
  • Boomer – Dveris: Both of these teams would really enjoy a holiday win, and a win for either would bump them up in the standings. I’m sure none would argue that both have been quite nice and deserving this year, so how is Santa to choose? It depends on who leaves the best cookies.
  • Lichty – McLaughlin: The eggnog will be flowing on sheet 7 as these folks settle in for a long winter’s match. Lichty will struggle to overcome the handicap, keeping it close. McLaughlin can be sneaky though and you need to be on your toes to ensure victory. Luckily, Lichty will be brining his ballet slippers.
  • Sonnabend – Dubois: Dubois is in for a treat this week, literally, because Sonnabend always brings cookies this time of year. Sure it seems like a gesture of goodwill, but they’re really just crumbing the ice. It’s amazing what some folks will do for a three-peat. Dubois will stand up to these bullies, but the ice will already be tainted. Sonnabend will have the edge and the win. For shame.

Season’s greetings and stuff.