Season 2013: Week 11

Short week folks, sorry for the delay.

  • Gabrio – Long: Look for Long to put up a few more points this week, making a slow but steady progress towards their first victory. Gabrio has resolved for the new year to win and they start now.
  • Dubois – Lawrence: This could go either way. But being a new year and a fresh start, I’m going to say, out with the old and in with the slightly less old, Dubois does it again.
  • McLaughlin – Crotty: Summoning all the power of their metal shirts combined, Crotty will accentuate a win this week with all the speed and force of a double bass pedal. Sorry McLaughlin, just nod along.
  • Moll – Dveris: Now unified and focused, Moll is looking for more wins. Dveris has been struggling to keep things coherent this year though they may learn a few things this week. Moll FTW.
  • McLellan – Jansen: Trying to pick a Jansen match is like trying to play the stock market although it has been reported that Pete played his best game ever a few weeks ago. Now that he’s got that out of his system expect a big win from McLellan.
  • Lichty – Rohde: These two rinks are dead even not only in their records, but also in discipline and style. Lichty did get some practice in over the holiday break, so I’m leaning towards them but only by the narrowest of margins.
  • McGovern – Anderson: I stayed up all night thinking about this one. So many scenarios. McGovern by a lot, McGovern by a moderate amount, McGovern by a single point, McGovern in extra ends. Also the one where Anderson shakes after the coin flip, but in the end, I decided the match will conclude with a score of 9-0 after one end. McGovern buys the beer.
  • Boomer – Hoven: A few weeks ago I would have easily picked Hoven, now, halfway through the season, I will easily pick Hoven. Boomer still hasn’t come to terms with all the ‘giners. Give them hell guys.

Happy new year, let’s curl.