Season 2013: Week 14 Results

Man-o-man was week 14 a stunner.

  • Long came extremely close to winning their first match, I think they are now ready to crack into the winner’s club. Watch them in the coming weeks.
  • Jansen continues to bring their A game, this week, aspiring perfect season rink Anderson fell under the Jansen bus. The final shot was captured on video.
  • While McGovern hasn’t been contending for a perfect season, they did pull off the perfect end scoring all 8 rocks. Pictures were taken and morale was high.

Here are the results:

  • Lichty*
  • Rohde*
  • Moll*
  • McGovern*
  • Jansen (in continued defiance of my overconfident picks)
  • Lockwood*
  • Hoven*
  • McLellan/McLaughin did not play

Jansen just had to go and win and mess up a potential perfect pick week for me. Check the other blog posts for more information, pictures and video from the week. Next week marks the end of the 3rd quarter so if you’re looking to move up in the league, your time is running out.

Don’t forget about the chili feed coming up and enjoy the Super Bowl.