Season 2013: Week 14

Is it Wednesday already? Let’s talk curling. Also please read the chili feed announcement and prepare.


  • Lichty – Gabrio: This is everything Lichty has worked for. The long practices, the film sessions, all the chatroulette, everything. Gabrio will be honored to stand in the glory of Lichty.
  • Sonnabend – Rohde: For another week this year, Sonnabend will bring it down to the last rock. Rohde doesn’t mess around so it will be close until the end. Clean your brooms often because the ice will be littered with shattered dreams. Rohde will squeak this one out with the hammer in the 8th.
  • Moll – Crotty: Keep a close eye on this sheet as Moll will have their hands full. Crotty will invoke the Headbangers Ball strategy and be successful with it for 5 ends, but like a Rollins monologue the good stuff will run out allowing Moll to capitalize.
  • McGovern – Dveris: Fresh from the caves of Tora Bora, McGovern gets their skip (and their groove) back this week. Dveris has struggled this season, but hopes to maintain a psychological edge by reminding their opponent of the utter devastation they caused at the beginning of last season. However, 14 months of hypnotherapy have adequately scrubbed that event from the collective McGovern mind.
  • McLellan – McLaughlin: Plagued again by injuries, McLellan can’t catch a break. Call the witch doctor and burn some incense, McLaughlin cleans up.
  • Jansen – Anderson: What? Perfect season? I don’t want to jinx anything. Anderson continues their pursuit of the perfect season against Jansen this week. I think this is one Jansen match I can pick right. Anderson inches closer.
  • Lockwood – Boomer: Lockwood is a tough nut to crack. Boomer needs to prey on their sensitive side. Tell a story about rescuing a puppy only to have it kidnapped by hipsters, then move your rocks closer when their eyes are filled with tears. Sadly, even fake puppy stories can’t beat Lockwood.
  • Long – Hoven: Long continues to make progress, but Hoven has been around too long to be bested. Things will get interesting in the 7th.

After a few weeks away from the club, it will be good to get back. Later.