Season 2013: Week 15 Summary

HUGE week! OMG!!!

No 8 enders, but some serious curling. Nobody is safe anymore. A few underdogs posted wins, and biggest of all, Long cracked into the winner’s circle (as predicted), nice work. I’m starting to think I have powers. Powers that I promise only to use for evil purposes. Even Jansen now bends to my will.

Here are the winners:

  • Anderson*
  • Long***
  • Rohde*
  • Jansen*
  • McGovern*
  • Boomer
  • Lawrence*
  • Moll

75% accuracy, yay me. Look for some video to be up from this week. I was tied up on the ice until Thursday, but I did see a few cameras rolling so if you have some, feel free to send me the source file, or a Youtube link and I’ll get it posted.

Don’t forget about the chili deal the week after next. Talk to your opponents and get things hammered out.