Season 2013: Week 15

Hi all. I hope you found this post down here, I wanted to keep the chili advertisement near the top of the page so everyone remembers it and has time to plan.

This week marks the end of the third quarter, there is still time to move up, but at best you have six games left to do it. No more dawdling.

  • Anderson – Dveris: No longer undefeated, Anderson will presumably get back on the horse against a regrouped Dveris who use their flaming orange brooms to distract their opponents. Anderson are easily sidetracked by shiny objects, so I suggest a good pair of blinders for each of them this week. A tough but focused effort will result in putting Anderson back in the winning way.
  • Long – Lockwood: Long got so close last week, victory is almost theirs. Maybe this time? Lockwood has been known to choke when the ladies are watching so this week I present them with the Heimlich award and give Long the upset of the week. Yep, you read that right.
  • McLellan – Rohde: Let’s hope McLellan can field a team this week and give Rohde a fight. I predict fast play and a low score with Rohde finishing on top.
  • Jansen – Gabrio: Jansen, Jansen, Jansen, when will you listen? I’m going to give the gift of victory to Gabrio this week by picking you to win. Gabrio, dark beers are a nice way of saying “thanks” to someone who jinxes your opponent.
  • Sonnabend – McGovern: I’ll call this one Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon because it’s going to get martial (not you Lichty) on center ice. Look for exploding rocks, twirling brooms, and lots of gravity defying acrobatics as Sonnabend tries to salvage a once glorious career. McGovern is riding high though (remember that 8 ender?) and will be tough to best.
  • Lichty – Boomer: Seeing how this match should be the season’s largest concentration of law professionals, watch for a lot of “fascinating” litigious maneuvering rife with motions, objections, badgering, and objections. If we’re lucky, this game might finish next Tuesday with Lichty winning on a technicality.
  • Lawrence – Hoven: After a much needed break, Lawrence is back to drag the league back down to their level. Hoven squeaked one out last week and has been watching Youtube videos of Lawrence to prepare. Did they unlock the secret? A Lawrence win will suggest that a little more tape time would have helped.
  • Moll – Dubois: A classic battle on a notorious sheet. I think this will be the match to watch if you have a minute. I also think these guys could be the last off the ice. Moll has the record to win, but Dubois is really looking to raise their profile, and they have the ability to do it.  If the McGovern/Sonnabend match is an Ang Lee film then this will be Rock V, an in the streets, down and dirty schoolyard fight with Moll playing the role of Tommy Gun.

Go get ‘em.