Season 2013: Week 17

It’s chili night! So arrive early and bring your favorite spoon, there’s also curling so don’t eat too much. If you haven’t already done so, please reach out to your opponents and share some of the burden for bringing condiments and sides. The fun starts at 7:45.

  • McGovern – Boomer: Peeling back the layers of this match will burn your eyes. Don’t look as McGovern comes out on top.
  • Jansen – Crotty: Sizzling action will grab your attention as Jansen’s hot streak continues.
  • Lichty – Dubois: Mellow complexity and well balanced play eases into a victory for Dubois.
  • Long – Rohde: Raw spice and heat combine to produce a Rohde W.
  • Lockwood – Hoven: Someone call the fire department, it’s a three alarmer on sheet 5. A Lockwood win often requires first responders.
  • Sonnabend – Gabrio: Hard work produces fruitful results for Sonnabend.
  • McLellan – Anderson: McLellan will surge early but run out of gas producing an Anderson win.
  • Lawrence – McLaughlin: Early conflict will cause Lawrence to boil over, but if they can reduce it to a simmer, they’ll come out smiling.

This is going to be a gas!