Season 2013: Week 19

Things are getting close to the end my friends. If you’re looking for some more wins, you only have two games left.

  • Jansen – Lichty: Talk about baggage. These two rinks go way back so a very balanced, but dirty fight is in store. Buttons will be pushed, and pebble will be reduced to ashes on this sheet 1 battle. My history with picking Jansen matches will probably continue.
  • Boomer – Crotty: Talk about your clash of opposites. A well groomed Boomer finally meets up with the rag tag Crotty boys. Makeovers for everyone! On the ice it will play out like a typical Hollywood rom-com. Crotty meets Boomer, Crotty plays Boomer, some other stuff, Crotty beats Boomer. Roll the credits.
  • Moll – McLaughlin: Beating Moll is easy; you just need to have more rocks closer to the button more often than them. Now that the secret is out, I expect a full report of how it went.
  • Dveris – Gabrio: Gabrio has been fine tuning all season, like a quartet of alchemists they’ve been varying all the ratios in their secret formula to success and it might just pay off this week. Dveris has been trying to stick to the script this year, so surprises should be few. This is a close one, but I’ll give the minor upset to the tinkerers, Gabrio FTW.
  • Rohde – Anderson: A match well suited for sheet 5. A Rohde win would help more than just them in the standings so I think we’ll have a lot of folks rooting for Rohde. Of course, I, as a journalist, do not take sides (even if my rink can still tie Anderson for first place if the right things happen in the last two weeks). I objectively feel that Rohde can win this.
  • Hoven – McLellan: This one could come down to the wire. Both teams have had their ups and downs this season, but both are looking to surge in the home stretch. McLellan is acquiring a good feel for the more subtle aspects of the game, but Hoven just has too much experience.
  • Lockwood – Lawrence: SPCC’s insurance policy mandates that when the combined age of a match exceeds 400 years, the following professionals must be on site: An old priest, a new priest, a hotdog vendor, a Fuller Brush man and a Harold Lloyd impersonator who has been trained in using defibrillators. So come hungry, get blessed, stock up on sundries and enjoy the spectacle. I guess Lockwood will win.
  • Long – Sonnabend: Let’s go Long, let’s go.. Let’s go Long, let’s go.. Let’s go Long, let’s go..Sonnabend.

I’ve got a bye, so chances are bad that I’ll be there to document the proceedings. If someone would be so kind as to send me a picture of the score sheet at the end of the night, I would be most grateful. Otherwise send me an email with your best recollections.