Season 2013 Week 2 Results

Nice work everyone. We had an unexpected hack explosion (I blame Bob) and a down to the wire nail biter. I took some video that I’ll probably get up tomorrow, but I missed the shot of the night. Sorry.

I forgot to check the board on the way out but I remember most of the results. If I could get some help with the Dubois:Gabrio and the McLaughlin:Rohde bouts I’d appreciate it.

Good job to everyone and nice win to the following:

  • Anderson
  • Lichty
  • Dubois (update)
  • Rohde (update)
  • Sonnabend
  • Lockwood Jansen (sorry I doubted)
  • McGovern
  • McLellan

That puts me at 6 for 6 that I know of, can I go two weeks with perfect picks? Totally, and if I do, you know I’m granting myself a huge award. Yay me. (Update, 8 for 8 confirmed debunked! Thanks a lot Lockwood)

Don’t forget about the fundraiser for Jana, bring your cash next week. Josh Sean is taking charge of the collection activities.

Also, next week is Halloween, I’m totally dressing up so don’t make me be the only one.


  1. Sonnabend says:

    I believe it was Dubois and Rhode that got the “dubyas” last night… 8 for 8, nice work.

    I wouldn’t call it a “hack explosion” so much as I would call it blatant cheating by the Lawrence rink. It was an early match attempt to (literally?) ice their opponent and it almost worked. In the end thought the younger Sonnabend rink kept them up past their bedtime and I think that Jim mistook his broom for a pillow on Bob’s shot in the extra end. Great match, see you guys in the semi’s…

    Also, charge was handed over to me to collect money for Jana. Thanks to everyone who threw in last night and hopefully anyone that didn’t get a chance to will be around next week. All donation amounts will be kept anonymous, the goal is to let Jana know that we are thinking about her and to give her a few dollars to pay for groceries, bills, gas or maybe just do something fun with her daughter. I’ll pick up a card for next week so that everyone can sign it.

    • Updateds applied. Thanks for taking the lead on collections.

      We expect a full inquiry into “hackgate” with a detailed report at the chili cook off.

      Those no-good Lawrence kids won’t get away with such blatant disregard for club property.