Season 2013: Week 2

Even though the weather doesn’t seem cold enough to warrant curling, here we are. I’m looking forward to some great matches this week and while I haven’t called any upsets yet, you should all be trembling because when I do, you all know that it will happen. You have been warned.

Now on to the forecast.

  • Anderson – Hoven: Hoven had a great week and a solid win last Wednesday. Can they repeat? Well, Anderson was ready to go last week and had to settle for a practice session because Boomer was busy buying new warm ups. I think their hunger is enough to carry Anderson to a win.
  • Dubois – Gabrio: Dubois didn’t quite close the sale last week and Gabrio has yet to play this season, but judging from their past match up and due to the fact that the Dubois crew has been watching a lot of curling on YouTube, I’ll give them the win.
  • McLaughlin – Rohde: McLaughlin definitely had some wins last season, but Rohde is on a mission this year to win early and often. Lucky for McLaughlin, Rohde is a team that makes you feel okay, even when you’re behind by twelve.
  • Lichty – Dveris: Lichty is looking to go 2-0 while Dveris has yet to step on the ice. Dveris will surge early but Lichty will chip away in earnest until there’s nothing left to do but clean up.
  • Lawrence – Sonnabend: BACK TO BACK LEAGUE CHAMPS, Sonnabend, are riding high after a week 1 victory, but now they’re chasing the dragon, always looking for the elusive feeling of that first win. Lawrence loves to play the spoiler but do they have enough to face Sonnabend so early in the season? Probably not, but it should be an interesting match nonetheless.
  • Jansen – Lockwood: If you like to see dog fights and car crashes, turn your attention to sheet 7. Both teams are known for putting out lots of guards and creating gridlock at the top of the house. My sources indicate the match will be low scoring but highly entertaining. Tough to pick a winner, but that’s what I get paid to do. Lockwood‘s calculating ways will give them the upper hand.
  • Moll – McGovern: As I said last week, I think Moll will need a few matches to get right with the curling universe. McGovern has broken the first week curse and is definitely interested in winning. Plus with their full lineup back this week we expect nothing but their best performance (which isn’t always stellar). Despite a solid performance from Moll, a big 4th end for McGovern will prove enough for the win.
  • McLellan – Long: This year’s newcomers, Long seem to have a great attitude, something that McLellan has always emitted was well. I think this will be a tight match with Long putting up some good points. The McLellan guys are no longer noobs though, and they should be able to keep Long at arm’s length.