Season 2013: Week 20

Twenty weeks sure can go by quickly when you have something fun to do. Here are the last regulation matches:

  • Moll – Lockwood: Big match up here, it could go either way. Lockwood has had some big wins this season, but they’ve occasionally shown their human side. Moll on the other hand has marched through the weeks with mechanical precision. So who will it be? Sarah Connor or the Terminator, Star Fleet or the Borg, Johnny 5 or that guy trying to capture Johnny 5? I guess I’ll go with ED 209.
  • Gabrio – Long: This match is going to be all over the place (in a good way). Tons of defense on some ends, big offense other times. It is impossible to pick with any real certainty, so I’m going with Long, because I can.
  • Lawrence – Lichty: Here’s the match we’ve all been waiting for. The clean cut, well-adjusted youth vs. the belligerent rowdy old timers. Listen for cursing and watch for shaking fists and wagging fingers on this one – and that’s just the coin flip. If we’re lucky they might actually get down to some curling. Call the fire department because Lawrence will be on fire.
  • Jansen – McGovern: So, we meet again. Jansen lost a squeaker to McGovern in week 2 so they’ve been pining for this match all season. McGovern has been busy playing mind games. Cryptic emails, doctored chili, and even some mild stalking through Best Buy. It all comes to a head this week and both sides are up for the challenge. McGovern has saved the ultimate mind game for 9:00.
  • McLellan – Crotty: After 20 weeks, nobody is new anymore. Not too long ago, McLellan were the new guys, now they’re part of the family, so too, Crotty (and Long) have entered the fold. What does that mean for this week’s match? Crotty came in with guns blazing and I expect them to finish that way.
  • Dubois – Rohde: Possibly the closest/longest match of the evening. Probably extra ends. Look for a low score (5 to 5) going into the ninth end. I hope these rinks got some rest last night. It will end with a showdown of the skips with the off hammer team winning.
  • Sonnabend – Boomer: It sounds like Boomer may have some new hardware out on the ice this week. Nothing distracts Sonnabend more than shiny trinkets. Boomer will use them to their advantage early, but by the 6th end the spell will be broken and Sonnabend will surge. Will it be enough? Just barely.
  • McLaughlin – Dveris: Lots of close matches to end the year, and this will be no exception. Dveris is planning a surprise attack, lay low, give up a few points early, then finish strong. The problem is that McLaughlin has the same idea. We’ll see two, yes, TWO blanked ends early before they both start scrambling. Both could win, but I think Dveris has a slight edge.

Big thanks to those who assisted in writing duties this season. Also another great chili night, and let’s not forget the efforts of the league in raising some much needed funds for Jana early in the season. Good jobs everyone.

Good luck in playdowns, see you at the Hobber and have a great summer.