Season 2013: Week 3

After two weeks of shaking the rust off, the Metro members are starting to look like curlers again. There are a handful of undefeated rinks, and a few still looking for their first win, and even one that has yet to play this season.

Don’t forget to bring your cash for Jana this week and turn it over to Sean Sonnabend, it looked like we got a good start last week, so let’s finish strong.

Being Halloween, I’m sure everyone will be participating in the costume contest. Winner gets a glass of ice and some nice tap water from the men’s room.  Let’s look at the matches.

  • Boomer – Moll: Well Boomer has to prove that they still want to play. Moll on the other hand, is ready to blow the night up with their first win. Moll will go up early, Boomer will make a comeback, but it won’t be enough. Moll marks their first win of the season. Somebody call Dan.
  • McLaughlin – Gabrio: Somebody is going to win this match.
  • Dveris – Dubois: Dveris certainly can win but this early in the season, ice time is key to a unified front. I see Dubois intentionally losing the flip in an act of goodwill. After that it will be a no-holds-barred Halloween death match with Dubois emerging, bloodied, but victorious.
  • Sonnabend – Lichty: Talk about history. Talk about tension. Talk about pageantry. This match could give the Dveris-Dubois spectacle a run for its money. Sonnabend doesn’t like close games and after last week’s close shave they’ll be looking to put some distance between themselves and the Lichty crew. Over aggressiveness can be fatal though. Look for a Sonnabend flatline in ends 4-6 with a surge in the final two. Lichty will clutter the top of the house all night and establish control early, but it will come down to the last rocks. Lichty wins with the hammer in the eighth.
  • Lockwood – McLellan: Both 1 and 1 this season, each team wants to break above 0.500 but only one can. Often times I point out the age discrepancy between some of the more mature teams and those of us that still have our youth. That is wrong and hurtful so I won’t do it this week. Historically speaking, Lockwood has the edge here, plus, losing to Jansen will make anyone lash out against their next opponent. Unfortunately, one of the nicest rinks in the league will be subject to this retaliatory action. Sorry dudes, Lockwood wins with no mercy, make sure you request the high priced pitcher.
  • Hoven – Crotty: Crotty’s back after an early bye last week and while they are new to Wednesday nights, these guys have curled plenty. McGovern got lucky against them in week one, clawing back from an early five point deficit. Now it’s Hoven’s turn, if they play their consistent family style game, they can stick with Crotty. I see some back and forth for the first half with Hoven pulling away late.
  • McGovern – Jansen: Jansen came to play this year and caught Lockwood off guard, but don’t expect McGovern to roll over. This will most likely degrade into a fashion show on ice due to the ornate costumes on both sides. There have already been some arguments over who gets to dress like Liberace because two would just be over the top. In the end though, McGovern plans to use the masquerade as a diversionary tactic and sneak away with a win.
  • Long – Lawrence: I’m glad these two teams are meeting early in the season. Lawrence has long served as worthy ambassadors for the Metro League (in the “please excuse my goofy uncle” sort of way) so it’s better that Long just gets it over with. Hopefully Long takes no pointers from their adversaries because it would be so sad to see such young hopeful curlers be corrupted by the bad habits of Lawrence. Watch for a good natured win from Lawrence followed by an unofficial history of the Metro League delivered upstairs. I really hope Lawrence breaks out the goofy hair hats too, those had a lot of people fooled last year.