Season 2013: Week 4

No Lockwood and no Lawrence this week which means it’s time to party, nobody to tell us to turn the music down or complain about social security.

  • McGovern – McLellan: McGovern was on sheet 8 last week and overcame the inevitable pull of the west wall, now they face sheet 1 and all its entrapments. McLellan has marked a win already this season and they’ll be gunning for number two, but McGovern is considering a shakeup from within, just to keep the competition guessing. A McGovern win will send ripples down the ice.
  • Long – Lichty: Long continues their admirable quest to learn the game and thus far, they have had some very gracious opponents and Lichty is no exception. An ample handicap will give them early hope, but, as gently as a new father, Lichty will take their hand and lead them to a warm and snuggly defeat.
  • Boomer – Jansen: Boomer finally made it! Welcome back guys. Sadly, Jansen, after holding victory in their hands last week, had it ripped away by a Hail Mary. Now Boomer becomes the surrogate to bear the frustrations of Jansen. Better bring a Tide To Go pen, because this could get messy.
  • Rohde – Crotty: Crotty has faced some tough teams already this season and this week is no exception. Rohde, still undefeated will bring their laser precise style to the sheet tonight. I suspect this will come down to the wire, and be the last active match of the night. My money is on Rohde as they ride the momentum of the last few weeks.
  • Anderson – Gabrio: Denim power returns to action this week after taking a week off. Gabrio wants a win but Anderson isn’t in the business of  charity. Watch for Gabrio to go big in an effort to control the game but a well rested Anderson is a difficult beast to tame.
  • Hoven – Moll: After a confidence building win last week, Moll is ready to take on anyone in the league. Hoven has been doing well and has a firm desire to continue winning. Each rink will have one big end but scoring off hammer will turn the tide for Hoven and seal the deal.
  • Dveris – Sonnabend: Dveris has had a tough schedule so far and it doesn’t get much tougher than Sonnabend who I believe finished somewhere near the top last year (but who remembers these things?). Look for Dveris to put up some early points, but Sonnabend‘s magic homebrew will provide the extra lift for them to overcome.
  • McLaughlin – Dubois: Bring popcorn for this one because the drama will be over here on sheet 7. Dubois has had a somewhat easier schedule than McLaughlin so both should be in the same boat performance-wise. I’m predicting the shot of the night will come from this match. It’s too bad this sheet is so hard to see from upstairs. I’ll try to get some video for anyone how misses the breathtaking, nail-biting, Dubois victory.

Stay classy Metro League.