Season 2013: Week 5

Week five is here and we’re definitely seeing the standings spread out. No giant surprises yet but it’s a long season still. Cooler outdoor temps could impact play this week, so be mindful of such things.

Slightly off topic, but who usually sets up the chili feed, we should get the ball rolling on that.

  • Lichty – Lockwood, Sheet 1: Lichty has been feeling pretty good winning and stuff, but a fresh and rejuvenated Lockwood is ready for a fight. A word of caution from sheet one: last week the ice was slow and dirty, just the way Lockwood likes it.
  • Lawrence – McGovern, Sheet 2: I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone in this match pours out of the same VW bug, talk about your clowns. But seriously, no joke, McGovern is looking to hold on to their undefeated status while Lawrence is looking to hold on to anything sturdy. In the end McGovern is hoping that there will be enough distraction from sheet 1 to allow them to sneak off with a win.
  • Jansen – Hoven, Sheet 3: This one will be close but I’ve learned not to pick against Hoven, and with Jansen’s spirits still crushed I think the door is open. The hammer in the 8th will win it, I pick Hoven.
  • Anderson – Dubois, Sheet 4: Anderson is in desperate need of some real ice time, sure they’re practicing, but they need games. This week they’ll certainly get one. Dubois is showing up with their guns blazing and an impressive entourage is rumored to be in attendance as well. It will propel them early, but by the 6th end the party will be over, the careful schemes of Anderson will best the bold spurt of Dubois.
  • McLellan – Boomer, Sheet 5: This will be another great match worthy of sheet 5. Both rinks are equally experienced and have comparable league results. But in this case I’ll have to invoke the ZZ Top proxy and give the edge to Boomer. A poorly timed ‘giner will make all the difference.
  • McLaughlin – Dveris, Sheet 6: Dveris’ schedule has been brutal thus far, and this week will be their time to remind the league that they do know how to win matches. That’s not to say, however, that McLaughlin hasn’t had a similar row to hoe, I’m just saying that when your whole team has matching brooms purchased at a Canadian truck stop, sooner or later, you’re going to win big.
  • Moll – Rohde, Sheet 7:  After a slow start, Moll is on a roll (too bad that only rhymes on paper). Rohde lost a close one to Crotty last week but they remain a tough team to beat. This one will be a low scoring tug of war with Rohde emerging unsoiled.
  • Crotty – Gabrio, Sheet 8: The records based standings don’t do Crotty justice, I predict a slow and steady rise through the ranks as the season progresses and that rise continues this week. Gabrio has to get some time in to be a threat, and so far this year, they’ve been a bit absent. The wildcard here is sheet 8 which can really mess with some folks. Crotty should be able to read the unreadable and be holding the brooms at the end of the night.