Season 2013 Week 7

Okay, no more excuses, everyone has had plenty of time to warm up, so I’m not cutting anyone any slack. Speaking of warming up, I had the privilege of subbing for a team over at Frogtown last night and let tell you, that place is cold. Holy crap. I had a lot of fun, but total shiver.

Big thanks to Sean for doing a few posts last week, it’s hard to say how well he did because a bunch of games didn’t happen, but nice work nonetheless.

Also, Bob sent a report from Jana, here’s what he had to say I heard from Jana via text the other day and she wanted me to pass the word that she “was beyond words” and how surprised and loved she felt. So great job everyone!!!”
Now, on to the matches:

  • Anderson – Long: Anderson is on fire coming off of a double header last week. Long is still Long, so pointers will be appreciated and I’m sure Anderson will be happy to oblige.
  • Crotty – Sonnabend: As predicted, Crotty is creeping up the standings but do they have enough to take on number one? I think they do, but not this week. Sean will be fired up on some skunk pumpkin ale (the home brewer’s equivalent to bath salts) so watch out. Sonnabend wins and the authorities will be called.
  • McLellan – Dveris: After a rough start, Dveris has been getting back into the swing of things. McLellan wants to win, and will try to win, but Dveris will control the match and buy the beer.
  • McLaughlin – Lockwood: Hopefully the turkey doesn’t slow down the play too much here. I expect that it will take a few ends for Lockwood to find their stride while the youth of McLaughlin will help them surge early. Great sweeping will turn things around for Lockwood late.
  • Boomer – Gabrio: Pass the pumpkin ale down to this sheet, they’ll need it. This is going to be a classic match up like two young mountain goats bashing their heads together. I think Boomer can pull this one out if they keep the ‘giners to a minimum.
  • Moll – Lichty: There is a lot of heritage between these two rinks so there will be no tricks this week.  This will be eight ends straight up and should come down to the last rock. Lichty goes up early, Moll will rally, then Lichty makes a move for the win.
  • Lawrence – Jansen: Lawrence tried to play it cool when they beat McGovern two weeks ago “oh you guys were undefeated?” but that nice guy bit doesn’t work anymore. Jansen has their work cut out for them this week as the Lawrence secret is out. Good luck guys, but I think Lawrence will pull this one out.
  • Hoven – Rohde: I’m not sure if the holidays bring Hoven together or compromise their teamwork but I’m leaning toward the latter. Rohde seems focused and should continue to stay near the top of the league. It won’t be a cake walk,but Rohde will prevail.