Season 2013: Week 7

Sean here again this week with the picks.

I was at the club last week but I paid almost zero attention to the few games that actually were played. If you happened to play a match last week please reply with the results so that Ole can update the standings.

Here’s my take on this weeks matches:

  • Crotty – Sonnabend, Sheet 1: Crotty has had some big wins so far this season against some of the Metro League?perennial?favorites, hopefully Sonnabend can show up this week with their A-game in hand after 2 weeks off. Not wanting to play favorites so I’ll just say this one has potential to be a real doozy.
  • Anderson – Long, Sheet 2: Anderson won their scheduled match last week as well as their make-up game against Boomer to remain undefeated. I think Jarett must have been studying film from last season over the summer and he isn’t going to make ANY mistakes this year. Look for Anderson and company to remain undefeated as we move closer to the end of the first half of the season.
  • McLaughlin – Lockwood, Sheet 3: Putting aside the fact that the Lockwood Rink are a bunch of yellow bellied good for nothing family loving game skippers, they are actually a pretty solid rink and I think that they should be able to put together another win this week is all the Mrs. Lockwood‘s let them out of the house this week.
  • McLellen – Dveris, Sheet 4: Dveris is the most humble rink in the league… so humble that sometimes they won’t even let themselves win a match for fear of seeming like poor sports. If McLellen can play the psychological game they can keep the Dveris guns in their holsters, but I think the guns are coming out this week.
  • Lawrence – Jansen, Sheet 5: Battle Royale on center ice! How do you even call this one? Lawrence has a lot going for them but so does Jansen! Lawrence has the uniforms but Jansen has the things that counter uniforms. A lot of rocks will be thrown during the course of this match but none will be more important than the rock that everyone universally agrees as the one that decides the outcome of this draw.
  • Moll – Lichty, Sheet 6: Moll vs Lichty will be the game of the night. These rinks are evenly matched in skill, tenacity and desire to win, but even if things get a little heated on the ice the post game beers will cool things off again. I think Lichty will be victorious in a close match that goes down to the wire… this game may even go longer than Sonnabend’s match.
  • Boomer – Gabrio, Sheet 7: Gab-Ri-O… Gab-Ri-O… Gab-Ri-O! I like both of these rinks but I think that Gabrio is going to chalk up their first win of the season this week.
  • Hoven – Rohde, Sheet 8: Rohde has had a bit of a rocky… er, road so far this season and Hoven isn’t messing around. I think Hoven has a big end in them but ultimately Rohde will knock this one out of the park.