Season 2013: Week 9

I have a holiday message of goodwill from the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club. I had the pleasure of playing out there last week and had a great time. I even got a pin to bring home. If you ever get the chance, stop out, there are some really great folks over there.

Lots of action this week. We had a team get their first win, and a team get their first loss. We are now down to one team lacking a win and another lacking a loss. With one more week till the halfway point, things couldn’t be more contentious.

A big shout out to the following winners:

  • Gabrio
  • McGovern*
  • Lawrence *
  • Crotty*
  • Rohde*
  • Anderson
  • Dubois*
  • Moll

Not a bad performance from Sean in the pick department, 5 and 3. I attribute the unwillingness to pick his own match as a contributing factor in their demise this week. You have to be confident.

I’m not sure what the late night game ending record time is, but the Anderson/Lockwood bout has to be one of the latest wrapping up in spectacular fashion at almost 11:50.

Big ups also to Gabrio who broke into the win column this week.

One more before the holiday break, good luck.