Season 2013: Week 9

p>This has nothing to do with curling but I’m still going to say it because Ole gave me a password to something that a few people read… I hate the F’in snow!

Now, on to Week 9!

Things are staying really tight with almost 1/3 of the league in the running for the top 2 spots and it looks like there are some real tough position shifting matches coming up as we approach the new year and move into the second half of the season… Here goes the picks.

  • Sheet 1, Gabrio – Hoven: I’m always rooting for Gabrio because they are a solid rink just getting the hang of the Metro Leauge. Unfortunately Hoven figured it out already and they’ve had some great matches so far this season. I think Hoven will continue that streak.
  • Sheet 2, McLaughlin – McGovern: Ole said he’d take away my password if I pick against McGovern. I don’t think it was a necessary threat, more just a show of power. McGovern wins.
  • Sheet 3, McLellan -?Lawrence: Lawrence doesn’t stay down for long… because there might be a locked knee if they do. But seriously folks,?Lawrence will be on this week because of their Red jackets.
  • Sheet 4, Crotty – Long: Long has had some tough matches this season so far and Crotty is going to keep that streak alive. Crotty picks up a much needed win after playing two of the top teams in the league the last two weeks.
  • Sheet 5, Rohde – Dveris: This should be an appropriate center ice match. Both of the teams are better than there records show and if A games are brought it could be a real glass banger of a finish. Rohde takes it in 9!
  • Sheet 6, Anderson – Lockwood: OMG MEGA-MATCH! Anderson is hot with a big zero in the loss column so far. Lockwood may have a one in that column but don’t think that means they are going to call in sick or make up some lame Holiday family get together excuse to get out of playing an undefeated rink… they wouldn’t do that. I don’t think that Anderson’s going to be able to keep it up with all the pressure of week 9 crushing down on them and Lockwood will make sure the L column doesn’t turn to a crooked number.
  • Sheet 7, Dubois – Boomer: Boomer played a tough match last week and nearly pulled it off a big comeback upset win. Dubois better not underestimate this opponent if they want to make a move up in the standings. Dubois takes it but Boomer will have them sweating.
  • Sheet 8, Moll – Sonnabend: Moll and company are showing that with or without Beranek they are a force to be reckoned with. Sonnabend has been scraping by with some luck on their side but they will need more than just luck this week. I predict that Sonnabend shakes after the 3rd end… then after he’s done taking a leak he’ll get back on the ice to finish all 8 ends. Too close to call!

See you on the ice!