Season 2014 Week 1

Well hello again. How was your summer? I’m sure it was swell.

Time to curl!

It looks like we have most of the old reliables back which makes picking easier. I’ll take some wild guesses on the new teams and see what it gets me.

  • Jansen – McLaughlin: Jansen spent the summer cow tipping and building a rope swing at the pond while McLaughlin and friends took a short course in haiku.
    • Jansen up early
    • McLaughlin comes back much strong
    • V goes to Jansen
    • Kimbel – Dubois: Kimbel may sound unfamiliar but inside intel points to a Crotty remnant with veteran ringers to hassle the rest of us. Dubois isn’t easily shaken so I’m going to give them the win while Kimbel works on team chemistry.
    • Boomer – Rohde: I have a hunch that both rinks have been filling their free time with 12 and 16 ounce curls. Not great for keeping your game sharp, but a noble pastime nonetheless. Boomer will no doubt be classing up the ice with this year’s fashions, but the Rohde intensity will prevail.
    • McGovern – Lickteig: Classic matchup on week one! Lichteig of course is just Lockwood rebranded. New blood may help them this season; let’s just hope it has some youth. McGovern is back with the same lineup you love to hate. Check them for new shoes this year which will boost their game by 9%, enough to win the league. Yep I said it. They start this week.
    • Lichty – Long: One could say that Long came a long way last season, it’s great to see them coming back for more. I expect Lichty will be full speed ahead however, so Long should drink heavily before and during the match.
    • Zimmermann – McLellan: Little is known about Zimmermann, according to the roster, he’s an army of one. McLellan will be the league’s first line of defense and my chosen winner because when in doubt, I go with what I know.
    • Anderson – Pylka: Anderson has been on a victory tour of St. Paul and the surrounding area, living lavishly on the generous prize monies they collected last season. This could work to Pylka’s advantage as Anderson will no doubt expect to breeze through this one. Since I have no scouting report on Pylka, it makes it difficult to pick against Anderson so I’ll again, go with what I know.
    • Hammes – Lawrence: Finally, the Metro league gets a girl-power team. It’s too bad that they will be quitting the league after the first night because of their unlucky draw for a first opponent. Hammes et. al. if you’re reading, please don’t judge a league by its old guys. That being said, I fully expect Lawrence to be chivalrous and throw the first game. Thanks guys, sometimes you’re the best (but usually not). Welcome to the league Hammes.

You may have noticed that I took down the individual team pages. I didn’t feel like maintaining them this year. If you really want them back, let me know and I’ll update them, but most info can be gathered from the other interactive pages.

See you upstairs.