Season 2014: Week 10

The middle of the season is here and the leaders are rising to the top but there is still plenty of time to make a move.

  • McLellan – Moll: Moll has been showing some real tenacity lately but nobody wears a sweater vest like McLellan. Force or style? McLellan can be easy on the eyes, but Moll tends to be heavy in the house.
  • Lichty – McLaughlin: A strong aroma of mulling spices will emanate from sheet 7. Stop by for a cup of good cheer, and linger to see a holiday win – a Lichty tradition!
  • Hammes – Dubois: Hold the Baileys girls, Dubois packs the hard stuff. Watch closely and learn from a real Canadian. Hammes wins in the fun category but Dubois will mark a win in the reality column.
  • Lickteig – Lawrence: Turn your attention to sheet 4 where the combined age will border on 400 years. If the holiday scents from sheet 7 aren’t your thing, stop by over here for the pungent waft of Icy Hot, Gold Bond, and Bengay. As for the match, it should be quite good. I sense a crack in the Lawrence armor though and fully expect some Lickteig penetration for the win.
  • Zimmerman – Jansen: The road has gotten a bit rocky for Zimmerman as of late and I think Jansen will be in full glory this week. It won’t be easy but Jansen should be cleaning up this week.
  • Pylka – Long: Pylka’s warpath is never over but this week, they encounter the anti-Pylka that is Long. A Zen-like calm will coat the ice and rocks on sheet 3 as long as they can tune out the stench from their neighbors. Pylka may be vulnerable for a while, nearby loud cursing will snap them out of it and reignite the flame.
  • Anderson – Crotty: Another great match to watch. Should be a classic skips’ battle with Crotty’s feedback clashing with the mellow vintage tones of Anderson. The winner will need some tenacious D in order to hang on. Last year I would have picked Anderson, but 2013 is almost over, and I have to go with Crotty.
  • McGovern – Boomer: ‘Giners on top of ‘giners. Early, late, intermediate. They’re everywhere. After a sound McGovern win, stay for a killer late night set of the new band Eighth End ‘Giner. They’ll be playing a mix of old and new and giving away $100 to the best ‘giner of the night.

And I’m spent. See you soon.