Season 2014: Week 11

It’s time for the Metro league annual holiday match. Traditionally that means that nothing special happens, just curling.

  • Dveris – Rohde: Dveris’s all-American facade can be a sneaky distraction on the ice. Rohde, however, is well versed in the ways of misdirection and should emerge victorious.
  • McGovern – Moll: After coming off a record number of hogged stones last week, McGovern will come out with guns blazing. This could work to Moll’s advantage since their style of play has been called the jiu-jitsu of St. Paul curling by one guy on a blog. Contrary to this label though, McGovern style of play is formless and therefore infinitely adaptable which is why they always win.
  • Lichty – Anderson: This is the kind of curling match that old men tell their grandkids’ neighbors about. Where were you when Anderson defeated Lichty? 12-17-13, never forget.
  • McLellan – Long: Long dropped the bomb on Pylka last week, their street cred is up 10 points.  Sadly for McLellan, they will have to be part of Long’s epic three game win streak.
  • Boomer – Crotty: I’m not sure if Boomer is mentally prepared for the Crotty full frontal assault. They’d be well served to check their winning smiles at the door and prepare for battle. I’m sure Crotty will be preparing by eating some raw hamburger and listening to Necrodeath 8-tracks. Crotty will win.
  • McLaughlin – Lawrence: The Lawrence party refuses to stop; luckily they’re all inclusive and non-discriminatory so it’s better to just have fun losing than to try to decipher their nuances. Party on McLaughlin. Party on Lawrence.
  • Zimmerman – Pylka: Picking Zimmerman matches still gives me troubles, just when I think I have them figured out, they go and do something unexpected. Same with Pylka, I used to think they were a sure bet, but after last week, all bets are off. While their records are converging, I think Pylka still has the upper hand.
  • Hammes – Jansen: I’d be surprised if these teams even make it to the ice. I predict lots of drinking with a little accidental curling. Luckily for Hammes, the Jansen fellas are right at home with a Bota Box and a plastic cup. Mix in a little Tchaikovsky and we’re all in for a wintry treat. The best gift of all though, will be a Jansen loss and the first win for Hammes.

Have a great break and holiday season.