Season 2014: Week 14

Who’s bringing the bath salts this week? What? Oh, sorry, wrong blog. I need to talk to you guys about the chili night. Remember the last few years? We pick a night and everyone brings chili and stuff before the match and things get weird? Well, the date has been set – February 12. Many more details will follow, but you have been warned.

  • Rohde – Long: After beating up on some girls last week, Long is feeling pretty macho. Not cool. Rohde has been called in to teach them some manners.
  • Dveris – McLaughlin: Dveris has been working on alternative strategies this year with limited success, but you don’t know until you try. This week will be a close one vs McLaughlin who has been slowly rising in standings. It will take all eight ends, but McLaughlin will quietly tip toe away with a win.
  • Dubois – Lawrence: Despite not looking good, Lawrence is still looking good. Dubois can beat the best of them when they’re on, but this season has been spotty for them. I’m not sure if Lawrence can keep it together for the whole season, but they should pick up a win here.
  • Anderson – McGovern:  Despite their record this season everyone knows that McGovern is playing Olympic caliber curling. Stand back and watch the magic this week as Anderson plays the role of punching bag while McGovern takes home the gold.
  • Pylka – Moll: This will be a good one to watch, worthy of sheet 4 treatment. Pylka is still steamrolling through the season but Moll has been quietly eradicating most who oppose them. I predict many noses pressed against the second floor glass at the end of this one. Pylka, bring your Windex because winners also clean the windows.
  • Lichty – Crotty: Center ice will showcase some great talents. Crotty, who continue to extend their win streak with their consistent brand of earnest effort, and Lichty, pillars of Metro League lore and legend. One big end could make the difference here. This week we’ll see a glimpse of Lichty’s former greatness as they pull off the upset of the week.
  • Zimmerman – Boomer: I was informed that Boomer is planning a strong finish to their already successful season. To do it, they’ll have to fight past Zimermann, who’ve had their share of ups and downs as they acclimate to the league. While I’d love to take Boomer at their word, I think this week belongs to Zimmerman.
  • Lickteig – McLellan: A rapidly aging Lickteig rink is finding that life after 50 means occasionally losing to know-it-all brats on your birthday. McLellan now must bear the negativity carried over from last week. Luckily, they do that well and will still make the match quite enjoyable for those both on and off the ice. Lickteig will channel their frustrations and emerge with a hollow win.

Who’s excited to curl? …….. That’s what I thought. See you on the ice.