Season 2014: Week 15

15 weeks and counting of incredible curling, some of it even on Wednesday nights. Let’s see what’s on the docket this week.

  • Rohde – Lickteig: I’m going to consult the magic 8 ball on this one. It is certain.
  • Zimmerman – Moll: Zimmerman has faced a tough schedule in the second half of the season and Moll is no exception. Fueled by craft beers and top shelf booze Moll will entertain the defeated at The Happy Gnome.
  • Hammes – McGovern: This is probably the match that everyone has been waiting for all season. McGovern talks a lot of trash but according to Hammes, Wednesday is garbage day. A life in the family means that McGovern will be without their mighty skip. It might just throw them off enough for Hammes to get their first win. Someone polish the stemwear.
  • Jansen – Long: Usually I give the Long eco-warriors a hard time about expired raptors and CFCs but this week I don’t have to. Jansen emits enough soot and nitrates to take care of themselves. A toxic win for Jansen.
  • McLaughlin – McLellan: I always wish this match happened closer to St. Patrick’s Day. Well, maybe they’ll be celebrating early on sheet 6. Stop by for some Riverdance and a McLaughlin win. Let’s just pray that they wear something under the kilts.
  • Crotty – Lawrence: This could get interesting. Loggins and Messina vs Bolt Thrower. Morbid Angel vs Toto. Does yacht rock still have the smooth grooves to overpower even the deadest of metals? Boomer paid homage nicely in their brush with Crotty, I’m expecting Lawrence to don full yachting attire. The winds of change have arrived however and I see the dawn of the dead rising. Crotty with gusto.
  • Dveris – Boomer: Dveris is riding high off of a solid win last week and their crest could rival that of Boomer who had a handsome win of their own. Of course we all remember our college physics classes that taught us about waveform interactions. It’s all about the frequency right? Boomer by 1.
  • Dubois – Pylka: In another session of last week’s winners we have these two clowns. Being the dark horse gives Pylka a distinct guerilla style strategy, but Dubois are pretty good at sniffing out a surprise attack. Given their storied season thus far, I’m leaning towards the Pylka bunch.

Hopefully we’ll all thaw out before the match. See you soon.