Season 2014: Week 16

Don’t forget to make plans for the Metro League chili night next week. Use the schedule page and look at week 17 to see who your opponent is and coordinate with them. We’ve always had a great time and some fine chili.

  • Lickteig – Pylka: This should be a great match, two top teams vying for another win on the worst sheet in the club. Watch out for the magic wall and mysterious trappings of the west side. I predict an 11:20 nail biter with Pylka winning with the hammer.
  • Lichty – Boomer: If Boomer can keep the GPMs down they have a real shot at winning. Look out for Lichty using a surprise guest to throw Boomer off of their confident game. Low score, high drama will result in a Boomer victory.
  • Anderson – Moll: Another well matched game this week. Both have similar experience with the league and can read each other like an old road map. Moll will go up early, but Anderson will grind back.
  • Rohde – McLellan: Broken dreams litter the history of McLellan and a broom and dustpan are Rode’s best friend. McLellan won’t feel so bad when Rohde very kindly wins again.
  • Dubois – Long: Break out the snifters and read up on your brown liquor terminology Long, to play Dubois is to wander into the land of whiskey hazed sweeping and Canadian lore. Please save the Alberta tar sands discussion for after the match.
  • Dveris – Jansen: Dveris is one tough customer and Jansen would be well served by knocking off the antics and buckling down for some old fashioned 2011 curling. Even at that rate it is quite likely that Dveris isn’t buying what Jansen is selling.
  • Zimmerman – McGovern: Finally the mystery that is Zimmerman will be revealed to McGovern. Much has been speculated about them but little has been reported so they’ll be flying by instruments only. Look for a tentative first few ends with McGovern unlocking the code and making a mad dash for victory.
  • Hammes – Crotty: I’m not saying that Crotty will definitely win, but I’m pretty sure that if they just dropped off some metal band shirts and left, somehow the shirts would rally and have a good chance against Hammes. I’m joking of course, Hammes made some critical lineup shifts last week and are definitely on the road to their first win. Could it be this week? No, but a late season retooling will be a good confidence booster in the long run.

Chili, think about the chili.