Season 2014: Week 17

I hope you’ve all got your chili spoons ready because the time is upon us. The fun starts at 7:30 so bring your crockpots and cheese and get ready for the best time. Also the Olympics are here! Is everyone waking up at 2am to watch live? Or maybe you’re streaming at work (shame). Either way, it’s a great time to be a curler.

If anyone needs a sub, I’ve got a bye but will be hanging out so let me know.

  • Lichty – Jansen: Clash of the titans! History has been with Jansen the last few years so I’ll pick them just to screw with the universe.
  • Zimmerman – Crotty: I don’t really see a point in picking against Crotty, these guys are on the march and I see no reason it won’t continue through the end of the year.
  • Dveris – Dubois: I can imagine both of these rinks a little sleepy this week because of their love for live Olympic curling. I think Dubois recovers better and should have the edge this week.
  • Lickteig – Long: Both of these teams strike me as the desktop streamers (maybe iPads for Long), they’ve watched about 20 hours of coverage so far and now feel full of new strategies and odds calculations. Look for Licktieg to blank a few ends just to show off.
  • Rohde – Lawrence: I think we’ll see a very close match here with lots of cow bell wielding fans. Rohde will go up early but Lawrence will claw back FTW.
  • Hammes – McLaughlin: In an unprecedented move, Hammes actually split the team up last week and teamed up with the enemy. That could have given them enough coaching to propel them to their first win. I said “could” but probably not. I’m going with McLaughlin who have a few tricks up their sleeve.
  • Anderson – Boomer: Keep your FDS handy because a record number of rocks won’t make it past the hogline this week. That and the chili might have an impact as well. Anderson should be able to win this one if they stay away from the Tabasco.
  • Pylka – McLellan: It’s possible that all the excitement of chili night could throw Pylka off of their game, maybe not enough for a loss but certainly enough to plant some doubt. Bring a bib so as to not mess up your sweater vest.

It’s business time.