Season 2014: Week 18

Short on time this week so I need to keep it short. Great times at chili night last week, great participation as always and some top notch chili too.
• Long – Moll: Long is certainly making some progress but Moll is tough to beat.
• Zimmerman – Dubois: After finally facing off against Zimmerman it is quite apparent that they know their way around a sheet, I still like Dubois’ chances a bit better.
• Hammes – Lickteig: Hammes all the way.
• Dveris – Pylka: Pylka keeps breaking hearts.
• McGovern – Jansen: McGovern has technology on their side.
• Anderson – McLaughlin: Anderson has dog as their co-pilot.
• McLellan – Lawrence: Lawrence for a golden win.
• Lichty – Rohde: Rohde brings their A game.
Sorry I haven’t updated the standings in a few weeks, I’ll make things right. I promise.