Season 2014 Week 2 Rap

A quick message on the league.

Tons of upheaval. No one is safe. Newcomers Pylka are tearing through the formerly great Metro league teams.

Great fun all around.

I am missing a few results from the last two weeks. If you see something that hasn’t been marked and you know the result, please drop me an email – or leave it in the comments.

I had a lovely chat with Hammes last night and was pleased to hear that they are already big fans of the blog. Keep reading and we’re all rooting for your first win.

Here are the winners that I know of (* indicates a correct pick):

  • Crotty
  • Lickteig*
  • Pylka
  • Jansen
  • Lawrence*
  • Dveris*
  • Moll*

Still need info on Moll v McLaughlin and Zimmerman v Long. As you can see my picks haven’t been stellar, so a few more right this week would really help my self esteem.