Season 2014: Week 2

Sorry again for the late post.


  • Kimbel – Rohde: Look out Rohde, just because the name isn’t familiar doesn’t mean this won’t be a close match. Kimbel only lost by an inch last week to Dubois so be on guard. That being said, I think Kimbel needs a little more time to calibrate before I can safely pick them. Enjoy it Rohde.
  • Boomer – Lickteig: Lickteig is looking to parlay a lucky win last week into a streak and Boomer has been known to drop a match here and there. This won’t be a slam dunk, but the old reliable Lickteig lineup should prevail.
  • McGovern – Pylka: Newcomers Pylka have already chalked up a win and would like their good fortunes to continue. Sadly for them, McGovern is unbeatable. That is an internet fact. Because of this, McGovern will win, but make it look hard in the process.
  • McLaughlin – Moll: Moll is back after an extra week of summer. They were able to get their ducks in a row last year and log a decent season. McLaughlin will need to curl nearly perfect to make it happen this week. It will look dire for Moll through 5 ends, but they’ll surge for a win.
  • Jansen – Dubois: Jansen, Jansen, Jansen. You know how this works, right? Wrong. My days of anti-picking you are over. You will win when I say you will and lose when I want you to. This week, it’s Dubois for the win. They squeaked one out last week and will continue their undefeated run.
  • Lichty – Lawrence: Shenanigans abound. Don’t expect Lawrence to produce their new purple suits until much later in the year but dressing sharp will always score points at the hogline. Lichty will take things too seriously and blow it. Lawrence continues their perfect run.
  • Dveris – Hammes: By all reports, Hammes will be back this week. Lawrence didn’t scare them off and it sounds like everyone had a marvelous time during the opener. Dveris will keep that spirit alive with a win this week. Just take it easy, with a little help, Hammes will bring new life and vitality to the league.
  • Zimmermann – Long: I did’t get a good read on Zimmermann last week but I seem to remember that they’re not beginners. Long is back for another season and are ready to step out of the rookie roll but this week, Zimmermann will take the win.

Also, I’ll get the results up from last week and this one as soon as I can.