Season 2014: Week 20

This is it. Another great season is concluding with a clear leader. It has been great to have the new additions to the league and I think we’re much stronger because of them. I hope everyone comes back next year so we can do it all again.

  • McGovern – Lickteig: Epic rematch! McGovern was just messing before. This time it’s business. Sorry Licteig but you are going down. We’ll deal with the AARP repercussions later.
  • Dveris – Rohde: Dveris has been killing it in the second half, Rhode, being no slouch, won’t go down easy, but it’s Dveris who finishes with the W.
  • Jansen – McLaughlin: Epic rematch! Jansen did it once, but their star is fading. Look for McLaughlin to tack one more win up before the ice melts.
  • Boomer – Pylka: This is going to be a fun match, but Pylka has this league dialed in and should slide to victory but not without some Boomer shenanigans along the way.
  • Anderson – Crotty: This is going to be an EPIC REMATCH! Crotty took the first one but I think last season’s champs can get the magic back with a huge 8th end. Anderson ties up the series.
  • Hammes – Lawrence: Epic rematch! This one is special for the Hammes ladies, back to the team that showed them the ropes. We’ve all agreed that after 17 other matches, Hammes is ready to inflict the ultimate revenge. Lawrence was their first loss, now Lawrence can be their first win.
  • Dubois – McLellan: I have no record of their first encounter so I’m leaving this one wide open.
  • Lichty – Moll: Epic rematch! Lichty took the first one so Moll is out for blood and they’ll get it tonight. Spring league will just have to play around the blood stains on sheet 8.

Fun times again. Good luck in playdowns and I hope to see you all at the Hobber.