Season 2014: Week #3

Here are your awesome picks.

Anybody wearing costumes next week?

  • Boomer – Pylka: I don’t always pick Boomer, but when I do, I usually get it wrong. This week I’m going with Pylka, they’re on a roll and I see that continuing for a bit.
  • Jansen – Rohde: Classic old school match up. Rohde has had some struggles this season and Jansen is looking to display their dominance this year. I expect many simulated skeet shooting exhibitions during this Jansen victory.
  • Crotty – Lickteig: This could be the one to watch. I expect a very close finish possibly coming down to the last rock. My money is on Lickeig though although I’d feel better about it if they would start dressing the same. Crotty can mount a sneak attack however, so Lickteig will need all the tools in their bag to pull this off.
  • Anderson – Long: Anderson, fresh off a well needed rest will face off against a more confident Long. I think they can hang this year and will be a real hurdle for the once great Anderson to surmount. Mid-game infighting will almost cost Anderson the game.
  • Dveris – Lichty: Lichty needs a win, bad. I’ve seen thinly veiled message board posts from them looking for advice on returning to glory. Dveris is always a contender and despite an early bye, will keep things together for the win.
  • Hammes – Moll: Hammes, the likes of Moll are easily subdued by pregame drinking. Bring a bottle of Fireball to grease the skids to your first win. It can’t hurt, right? Moll will probably record a spicy win.
  • McLaughlin – Dubois: McLaughlin will surge early forcing Dubois to claw their way back in it. One big end will make all the difference in this match with Dubois sneaking out a close win.
  • McGovern – McLellan: My history this year with picking my own team hasn’t been great. Do I finally succumb to the pressure and doubt and pick against my own rink? After all, getting these picks right is far more important that winning a lousy curling match…..mmm…. I think I’ll give it a couple more weeks. McLellan will fight valiantly while McGovern finally gets into the winners circle.

See you at the club.