Season 2014: Week 4

Anybody dressing up tonight? I think I heard that a few people might. I’m trying to figure out how difficult it would be to curl in pleather pants.

  • Dubois – Moll: Both teams are doing well this year and are near the top of the standings, but I’m going to give Dubois a slight edge based on the difficulty of their schedule thus far. I expect the Moll rink to be dressed like Team Zissou.
  • Hammes – Lichty: Lichty rink will be thrown by the distracting costumes of Hammes. Enough to make this match very close. Hammes will use their Oktoberfest garb to their advantage, but Lichty will squeak by in the end.
  • Anderson – Lawrence: Classic matchup. I think Lawrence will pull a mix-and-match with their clothes this week, causing bouts of nausea with Anderson. Unfortunately for Lawrence, playing queasy is something Anderson is all too familiar with.
  • Dveris – Zimmerman: Aside from matching Canadian gas station brooms, Dveris this week will wear matching socks in a very subtle show of team unity. This will give them a subliminal boost until Zimmerman discovers this fact and uses it as against them. Zimmerman till take the socks of Dveris and make a victory pennant out of them.
  • McGovern – Long: In a show of flattery, Long will actually dress as their favorite McGovern players this week, making it very confusing on the ice. McGovern, easily confused, will fall for it through the first 3 ends. Once everything is sorted out, McGovern should be able to claw back for the win.
  • McLaughlin – Rohde: Rohde is looking to break into the top half with a win this week. McLaughlin has had some tough opponents and I think they will rise to the occasion, giving Rohde a run for their money. Rumor has it that both teams worked together to dress like their favorite Smokey and the Bandit characters. Who will be Burt? No clue, but a Rohde win is in the cards.
  • Boomer – McLellan: McLellan is looking to get a win put up soon while Boomer wants to chalk up a few more as well. I’m thinking these guys will go for a Scooby Doo look to class up the match. Boomer will show up in a smoky Mystery Machine, but sober up enough to take the win.
  • Crotty – Pylka: Probably the match to watch this week. Both of these teams can really play, plus rival curlers here are teammates elsewhere. Tons of second guessing will go on here. This one might be too serious for costumes. Total coin flip, but I’m going with Pylka to keep the streak alive.

See you on the ice.