Season 2014: Week 5

This week marks the end of the first quarter of the season and rankings are starting to shake out a bit. The race for first place is bunched up pretty well with only two teams left undefeated.

  • Dveris – Anderson: Anderson has had a shaky start this year and is tied with Dveris. I still think there is a spark of the old Anderson left so I’m going with them, but if they make me look like a fool again, I’m done.
  • McGovern – Lawrence: McGovern will do their part this week to hand a loss to one of the last perfect teams. And by perfect, I mean lucky. If you want to see a beat down, look no further than sheet 7. Grab some popcorn.
  • Lichty – Moll: Both teams are very close in the records department, both also have a rich Metro league tradition of former greatness, both have rebuilt with high aspirations. This one is hard to choose but I have to give a slight edge to Moll for style points.
  • Crotty – McLellan: Crotty is bangin up the ice this season and littering it with the remains of its foes. Look for a battered and wheezing McLellan pile near the hogline on sheet 5 around 11:00pm.
  • Hammes – Zimmerman: Hammes, this is your week to… another match. I’m not quite ready to pick you yet, but have a good showing against Zimmerman and we can talk about it. The best of luck in all your endeavors. Zimmerman has been applying their secret winning strategy that will continue this week. Couple that with a Lawrence annihilation and we should see a distinct league leader emerge.
  • Boomer – Long: Long won early this season and confidence is definitely high for them this year. Boomer has gone through a significant period of self-doubt and will rally on that this week. Those two opposing forces will be strong and quite well balanced. I’m calling for an extra end with Long squeaking it out. Yay positivity!
  • Jansen – Pylka: Jansen is in for a style battle this week. Very different tempo and strategy will collide producing unknown results. I think Pylka will surge in an effort to downplay last week’s extra end debacle. Jansen will keep the pressure on, but Pylka will emerge victorious.
  • McLaughlin – Lickteig: McLaughlin has been cruising hard for a win this season, but thus far their efforts have been unfruitful. Lickteig has been lying low due to a bye week but is set to explode back onto the scene. It will take a few ends for Lickteig to remember what’s going on, but when they do, it should be a constant march towards a win.

I’m missing a few results from last week. I know there was one match that didn’t happen so if you happen to know the results of Boomer – McLellan please let me know.