Season 2014: Week 7

Week 7 is here and everyone will be a little more confident this week because we all watched the Olympic trials over the weekend. Triple take outs for everyone!

  • Long – Lawrence: Upset of the week. Lawrence has been coasting on charm for too long. The empire falls this week at the hands of spoiler Long.
  • Dveris – McLellan: This is going to be a close one as both rinks put up noble fights against mighty McGovern in previous weeks. Expect a low scoring, defense heavy match with Dveris squeaking it out.
  • Lichty – Lickteig: Both reside in the elite “4 Wins” club and both are pillars of the now legendary Metro league. However, only one retains their long term, glorious lineup. Lickteig for the win.
  • Crotty – Moll: I think I’m missing a result (or two) from Moll, so it’s difficult to assess their place in this matchup. I know Crotty’s been melting ice and breaking hearts all season, and I expect that to continue this week.
  • Boomer – Jansen: Boomer, I’ll do you a favor here and pick Jansen so you can card a win. I’m in your head Jansen, Boomer can buy me a beer for my services.
  • McGovern – McLaughlin: Don’t stop believin’ McLaughlin, your win will come. Unfortunately, McGovern can’t let that happen on their watch. After a few weeks of calibration, all of McGovern’s gyros (scopes, not sandwiches) are synched up and their force will be felt throughout the league.
  • Zimmerman – Rohde: I know Rohde has a game that they need to reschedule, and they’ve had some subs this year already, so their record might not reflect their true performance capability. Zimmerman has been making waves through the league and only last week experienced the sting of defeat. If Rohde has the A team in attendance, they should be able to win this one.
  • Anderson – Dubois: Anderson is still trying to shake off a few early losses and this week they turn their attention to Dubois. Since their records are even, I’ll have to compare schedule strengths. After many charts and graphs and consulting the experts, my infallible logic points to Dubois winning a hard fought battle.

How do you like that, picks up on a Tuesday! Now head back to Youtube and watch trials reruns.