Season 2014: Week 8

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Black Friday? HOGLINE is coming out super early with Brown Wednesday. If you’re interested, HOGLINE is doing a big clothing order before Christmas. Get in on the action by emailing me. We’ll be getting sweatshirts, T-shirts and some sportier jerseys too. Lots of colors in addition to what you see here. Contact me for a full list.

Super bonus offer! Outfit the whole team at a crazy discount, buy 3 of the same type and color and get the 4th for half price! Sizes up to 2XL (sorry, no tall sizes).

On with the predictions:

  • Zimmerman – Anderson: Zimmerman’s schedule is heating up, a good start to the season starts to falter under the oppression of Anderson.
  • Hammes – Boomer: Hammes, no need to worry about this week’s opponents, the Boomer boys are a class act, they should beat you with grace and dignity.
  • Dveris – Crotty: This could spell trouble for Dveris, Crotty continues their rampage.
  • Rohde – Pylka: Should be a good match but Pylka continues to exhibit dominance in the league.
  • Dubois – McLellan: McLellan will take it to 8 ends but Dubois will come out on top.
  • McLaughlin – Long: McLaughlin is riding high after crushing their opponent last week, look for continued success against Long.
  • Lickteig – Moll: Thoughts of the approaching holiday will keep Lickteig docile this week. Moll will take advantage with two big ends, but Lickteig will claw back and avoid letting down the in-laws.
  • Jansen – Lawrence: Again with the reverse psychology. We as a league need Lawrence to loose. Perfect seasons are bad for business. Therefore I pic Lawrence to win, they will crush Jansen and not even feel bad about it. The rock’s in your court Jansen.

Have a great long weekend folks.