Season 2014: Week 9

We finally have some curling weather outside! Hope you’re not all too rage filled from driving this morning. How about these matches?

  • McGovern – Dubois: Sheet 8! It’s a bitch goddess, giving with one hand and taking with the other. That being said, she doesn’t discriminate, so there’s no use in complaining. Dubois and McGovern are well matched this year so it should be a close one. However I have a soft spot for McGovern and will be picking them again for the 75th time in a row.
  • Lawrence – Moll: I think it’s time to have the authorities come in and test the Lawrence crew for doping, these guys are still rolling. Moll has a lot of work to do if they want to topple this crew. I’ve chosen against Lawrence a number of times this year, but I think I’m siding with them this week.
  • Zimmerman – Lickteig: Lickteig is still hanging near the top as Zimmerman has suffered a few recent defeats. If the Lickteig folks actually get off the couch this week and show up, they should have a victory.
  • Hammes – McLellan: Our last two teams seeking a win face of this week. Someone will win and while I’d like to see Hammes card one, I do know what McLellan is capable of. Hammes, it’s going to take more than a box of Franzia in the 4th end to sneak a win past McLellan.
  • Anderson – Rohde: After some early wobbles, Anderson seems to be getting back into their routine of stinking, but winning anyway. Rohde’s solid lineup certainly has a chance, but Anderson has the edge.
  • Crotty – Jansen: This should be an epic clash. Crotty has been winning, but many have been close calls and extra ends. Jansen has the skills to hang with anyone in the league so I expect another late night on sheet 3. As usual, I struggle with Jansen calls, but this week I’m going with Crotty.
  • Lichty – Pylka: Pylka has been doing very well with playing strange teams, but I warn you Pylka, Lichty is the strangest. They come off as really great guys and accomplished curlers, but in reality they’re just pretty great guys and decorated athletes. If Pylka applies their familiar regimen, a victory should be theirs.
  • Dveris – Long: I’m going with history on this one. Dveris has been together longer than Long and Long has been curling less long than Dveris. Simple right?

Now get out there, shovel your walk, clear off the driveway and get down to the club for some wholesome good times.

NOTE: I don’t have the results from last week because we had a bye, so I’ll be filling those in with this week’s.