Season 2015: Final

Great season again this year. I had fun writing, and I appreciate all the positive feedback around the club.

Congratulations to newcomers Rokke (not Rokke) for stepping in at the last minute to fill the empty league spot and then proceeding to step on the throats of almost everyone in the league.

There are a number of makeup games to be played that could determine who is the rightful 2nd place holder. Right now it is a close race between Dubois, McGovern and Anderson, with Zimmerman not totally out of it either.

Hammes has locked up 18th place with a perfect season, way to go team!

If you do have makeup game results, feel free to let me know at


It sounds like we’ll see a lot of you at the Hobber Dobber in a few weeks, so prep your livers.

Good luck in playdowns and all that stuff.


Good curling