Season 2015: Week 1

Welcome to the new blog. For the sake of professionalism I moved things over here so as to not taint the pristine reputation and family image that HOGLINE is built on. If you linked through from the HOGLINE website, make note of this URL, I’m removing the link at the end of the week, so you’ll need to come directly here.

What do you guys think of the 8:30 start? Sounds good to me.

One mystery team replaces the Crotty powerhouse, so this should be interesting.

  • Dubois – Pylka: Finishing only two spots apart last year, this Dubois and Pylka match should really turn some heads. Dubois is looking to reestablish past glory this season, and besting Pylka week one would be a serious statement. Pylka has plans of their own which include winning this week.
  • Zimmerman – Rokke: Zimmerman has the distinct privilege of taming the wild Rokke beast, a mythical curling creature that feeds on box wine and grocery store sushi (according to the legend). Zimmerman will prevail with the aid of a 12 sided die.
  • McLellan – Rohde: Sweater vests are always in style, but it takes more than a smart argyle to derail Rohde. Rohde dominates with efficiency and precision.
  • Boomer – Jansen: Boomer spent the summer having new track suits tailored at Har Mar and forgot to work on their game. Jansen will take advantage of the ample ‘giners to start the season undefeated.
  • Long – McGovern: The nice thing to do would be to pick Long. Not happening.
  • Moll – McLaughlin: Gone are the days of Moll living in the shadow of a former legend, they write their own sagas now. McLaughlin will be writing their own too, but with a slightly different ending.
  • Hammes – Dveris: Leaked pictures of team Hammes prepping for this season have been making the rounds on all the tabloids. As a respected news agency, we refuse to publish these ill gotten images, but if that’s your thing, I’m sure TMZ would be happy to share them with you. In light of the scandal, a first week win seems doubtful. Dveris FTW.
  • Anderson – Lickteig: Boom, huge match right out of the gate. I would imagine that both rinks would prefer a few weeks of rehearsal before squaring off, but such is not the case. Bring your own Jiffy Pop to this one. Hard to call, but I’m going with history on this one and giving it to Anderson.

This is the week you’ve been waiting all summer for. See you at 8:30.