Season 2015: Week 10

You guys are lucky this week. I’m out of town surveying the damage from the Pineapple Express, so nobody has to deal with me. Let’s hope that my team can keep it together without me. The halfway point is here.

  • Long – Moll: I really want Long to progress in this league. They definitely have the style, they just need the skill. Moll has been making strides in the last few weeks and will want to continue that this time around. I highly recommend following them over to the Gnome in the aftermath.
  • Boomer – Hammes: I wish I could be there to see this, but I feel like this is Hammes’ week. Everything will come together for them, a winning coin flip, a tasty social, and a wicked hex will all combine for the perfect storm. I suggest both teams take cabs to the club because they’ll all be drinking heavily during and after this historic event. Hammes for the win!
  • Jansen – Rokke: In keeping with the tradition of mis-picking Jansen, I’m totally going with Rokke (NR) on this one. Even the best brooms in the world can’t sweep hard enough to turn the tide here.
  • McGovern – Pylka: Pylka has been wandering like a nation without a leader while McGovern has been all business this season. If they can survive without their star player, McGovern should take it.
  • McLellan – Anderson: Always the wildcard, McLellan takes on the ephemeral Anderson this week. If the sweater vest fits wear it but if the ice is fast, Anderson brings home the W.
  • Dubois – Dveris: This one could go late. I think that some readjustments by Dubois and some determination from Dveris will lead to a very close match. I see an extra end prompted by a eighth end hammer malfunction with a dramatic win by Dubois in the ninth.
  • Zimmerman – Lickteig: This could be one for the ages. A pillar of the league takes on the new hotshots. If Lickteig can get their stopwatch properly calibrated they could have a chance, but Zimmerman has been on a roll and it will be tough to stop that train. This is one of those picks where the head goes against the heart. I’m going to have to go with my head on this one and give it to Zimmerman.
  • Rohde – Lawrence: Another nail biter. These folks are deadlocked, and a win for either would mean a boost in the standings. If the wigs come out, I see a Lawrence victory.

If someone wanted to take the time to send me a photo of the sheet at the end of the night, I’d appreciate it. Good luck and merry Christmas to all.