Season 2015: Week 11

It’s the new year and time for some new curling. The first half of the season is over, so if you’re going to make a move up the standings, now is the time. Also, if you had make-up games over the break, get the results to me if possible. Thanks

  • Zimmerman – Dveris: Zimmerman is making things tough for almost everyone in the league. Dveris can hit shots and cause their own troubles, but I think Zimmerman will make it happen this week.
  • McLellan – Lickteig: McLellan has had plenty of close matches this year and can hang with most. This could be the week to hastle Lickteig, most of them are probably still trying to remember what year it is. However, spy reports indicate that Lickteig participated in some kind of unholy 2 on 2 curling sacrilege over the break which could spell doom for McLellan.
  • Dubois – McLaughlin: McLaughlin better channel the spirit of the north this week. Maybe watch Strange Brew and listen to some Leonard Cohen because Dubois are feeling extra Canadian and will use that to their advantage.
  • Boomer – Anderson: All brooms on deck, it’s time for Boomer to sweep off those holiday pounds trying to fight off the ‘giners but all the sweeping in the world won’t be enough to rub away the 2 on 2 shenanigans that Anderson was also a part of.
  • Long – Hammes: This is it Hammes. You are being picked for real. I suggest you start your social in the first end and bring in a wheelbarrow full of PBR for the Long fellows. Then in the fourth, you hit them with the Tequila Rose. That should cause a forfeit and lead to your first official win.
  • Jansen – Pylka: This is the match to watch this week. I’m seeing some big back and forth swings in the score and definitely an extra end. Jansen will do what Jansen does best, but in the end, Pylka will pull it out, like they have a habit of doing.
  • Moll – Lawrence: I’d keep one eye on this sheet too. Both rinks are capable of putting together a complete competent match, and neither shies away from a fight. Moll has a slight advantage this season, so if they can take it easy during their pregame, they should emerge victorious.
  • Lichty – McGovern: A classic match up that is quickly becoming the stuff of legend. This year the official McGovern biographer will be on hand to take in the spectacle first hand so it can be entered into the annals of McGovern lore. Lichty will have a police sketch artist there to capture the moments of agony and triumph in stunning pastels. A hot dog vendor will also make the rounds at 9:30, please have correct change.

Maybe it’s a little early, but we should probably start talking about the Metro League winter chili feed. See you on the ice.