Season 2015: Week 12

Sorry folks, the standings are in need up updating. Our team had last week off due to a schedule conflict from the other team, so I wasn’t able to get the results.  I assure you that we’ll get up to date tonight.

  • Boomer – McGovern: What can I say? It’s always a pleasure facing off against these all-American lads. I mean, take away the foul language and the inappropriate gesturing and you really do have the boys-next-door, not next door to me, but next door to someone. Technology helps McGovern to a win.
  • Lichty – Pylka: When Pylka is all accounted for, they can shake down the best in the league. Lichty has had some problems with truancy themselves lately so a mix of the two may not bode well for them. Pylka wins with style this week.
  • Moll – Dveris: Moll could be late this week, and every week, as they are moving their home base of operations from the Gnome over to the new Surly brewery complex. Not quite as convenient, but worth the drive for them. Dveris is taking things in the opposite direction by pregaming in the parking lot with a zip-loc full of Pabst.
  • Zimmerman – Rohde: Expect Rohde to put up a fight this week as Zimmerman continues to push folks around with their unique blend of flippant whimsy.
  • Dubois – Rokke: I’m going out on a limb and putting some serious pressure on Dubois this week. These guys will curl out of their minds and put Rokke on the ropes. If there is enough maple veneer left on Dubois, they can pull out a stunning upset of the week.
  • Anderson – Lawrence: Classic match-up. Normally, I’d tip my hat to the youth of Anderson, but what they don’t realize is while they feel like giddy school-boys in the prime years of their lives, they are actually careening toward old age. Sure Lawrence is already there, but at some point in their (distant) past they reached a very stable plateau to which they are unaffected by the passage of time. Woe is Anderson and their disintegrating cartilage. Lawrence will celebrate victory with a round of tart cherry juice.
  • Long – McLaughlin: A guaranteed good time on sheet 7. For the rest of us, it will be like watching your kid brother’s baseball team go into extra innings. All the pride and heartache is worth it during this trial by fire. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this. Um, McLaughlin?
  • Hammes – Lickteig: Breaking news. Lickteig is F-ed. In a move not uncommon for Hammes, they’ve brought in a ringer and former heel of the Metro League as a spare for this match up. I’m not at liberty to reveal the identity of the sub, but let’s just say that the 4th end social may be heavily skewed to the skunky flavors of an aspiring brewer. Drink up Lickteig, while your loss may have an asterisk by it, you’ll still have to live with the knowledge that you were bested by siren song of Hammes et. al.

If you have any results from last week that you’d like to share, please let me know in the comments or otherwise. You all have my permission to get back to work now.