Season 2015: Week 13

Lucky 13 this week for those of you who believe in luck.

  • McLellan – Lawrence: These teams aren’t that far apart on paper, but McLellan is still a little wet behind the ears relatively speaking. Lawrence had a big win last week so if they can all remember where the club is, they should get another win.
  • McLaughlin – McGovern: The whiskey will be flowing on sheet 2 as a battle of the clans unfolds. Let’s all hope they don’t get all traditional with the kilts and the lack of proper undergarments. Avert your eyes from this one and assume that McGovern marches to victory.
  • Hammes – Pylka: Pylka beware, while you might not invest much in the supernatural, Hammes is well versed in the dark arts. Being the 13th week, the power of the hex is unusually strong so most shots will favor Hammes. This might be enough to best a lesser team, but the goodness of Pylka should be sufficient to overcome. If the 4th end social has a vapor component to it, I would suggest Pylka decline.
  • Lichty – Moll: The spirit of Beranek returned last weekend to endow Moll with fortitude and vigor. Embracing this temporary youthfulness will give Moll the necessary lift to best a prodigal Lichty.
  • Dveris – Jansen: A well-deserved rest could give Jansen a boost this week but the still deep waters of Dveris are often taken too lightly. It’s Jansen’s laurels that will be their undoing while Dveris sneaks away with a steal.
  • Lickteig – Rohde: I’m going to call management and see if we can’t get a 4th end re-pebble for this match. The intensity of these rinks combined is enough to wear a sheet flat in half the time. One can only hope that Lickteig can lighten the mood with some pre-game yoga by the broken candy machine.
  • Anderson – Rokke: It might be tough to keep an eye on this one, but you’ll want to, as it will mostly likely be the closest match of the night. While Anderson may have felt shafted last week, they should be able to dislodge said shaft and use it for good. Rokke (not Rokke) has had a banner inaugural year, but I expect another loss or two are in their future including one to Anderson this week.
  • Dubois – Long: Bring out the tights and leggings and leg warmers and scarves and fox stoles and flannel this week, it’s going to get woodsy on sheet 8. The comforting aromas of a wood fire and warm scotch will create a haze over the match such that none will be able to see the far house. After two plus hours of chopping and pushing, Dubois will glide out of the mist on a canoe filled with beaver pelts elderberries. Too bad you can’t smoke a pipe upstairs anymore.

Now get out there and curl.

P.S.  Does anyone want to take over coordinating the Metro League Chili Night? The former organizer is wishing to pass the torch. If folks value that event and want it to continue, please talk to me for information about helping out. It isn’t too much work.