Season 2015: Week 15

Short on time this week.

  • Dubois – Hammes: 4th end bubbles lead to an effervescent Dubois win.
  • McLellan – Long: McLellan outwits Long’s recycled strategy.
  • Lichty – Anderson: Lichty breathes fire as Anderson continues to unravel.
  • Dveris – Rokke: Rokke beware and Dveris plays the spoiler again.
  • McLaughlin – Rohde: Less is more with a Rohde win.
  • Boomer – Lawrence: This laugh riot should be a primetime sitcom, Lawrence is less bad.
  • Zimmerman – Moll: Sheet 7’s proximity to the Gnome favors Moll.
  • McGovern – Jansen: Bad things have happened on sheet 8 between these two, McGovern remembers.

Fill out your wins and losses if you haven’t. My standings are incomplete.