Season 2015: Week 16

Week 16 folks, lots of action as the season enters its final quarter.

On a more serious note, I’m sure many of you remember Jana who used to work upstairs a few seasons ago, and most of you know about her health issues. This link was shared with me this morning and I thought I’d post it here to help it reach as many people as possible.

  • Jansen – Rohde: Are you kidding me? Jansen has been all over public access and MySpace talking trash about Rohde for the last week. Rohde in turn has been blowing up Google Plus with similarly negative messages. Big mouths don’t win games though and this week, Rohde lets their rocks do the talking.
  • Boomer – Moll: See you guys at the Gnome at 9:30?
  • Dubois – Lickteig: The fun goes a bit overboard this week and the aftermath is not pretty. Broken glass and blood stains will linger on sheet 3 through playdowns. Lickteig bends but doesn’t break.
  • McLaughlin – Pylka: Both teams will find it terribly distracting to play next to such a melee. In this case, Pylka’s laser focus will give them the edge over McLaughlin’s rubbernecking.
  • McGovern – Rokke: Some think sheet 5 is great; center ice and all that, but really, it’s a pain in the rear. No benches, long commutes to your drinks, hard to get out of the way during opponent’s play and so on. McGovern has been preparing for this match all season and now it’s time. Rokke (NR) is still a mystery, beatable, but mysterious. Big data wins again.
  • Lichty – Dveris: Evenly matched rinks go at it on coveted sheet 6. As of late, my instincts have been less than accurate about Lichty, so I’m going with Dveris who pull together a solid 8 ends of curling fury.
  • McLellan – Hammes: The streak remains unbroken at 0:32 for Hammes, why change it now? Fourth end social this week is a tart sangria dispensed from a mason jar (with twine). How Instagrammable!
  • Zimmerman – Anderson: Forced to play on sheet 8, Anderson defiantly declares this week that nobody puts Anderson in a corner. Zimmerman on the other hand tries to use the mystique of old number 8 to their advantage. My biggest regret is that while this match will probably have an exciting conclusion, it’s so difficult to see from upstairs. I’m siding with Anderson.

Sources indicate that the annual Metro League Chili Supper is provisionally scheduled for Feb 25 (week 18). So check your calendars and get excited.